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AyushVani – We are the voice for Ayush life sciences and the derived holistic healthcare from these sciences. AYUSH sciences are ancient traditional sciences of treatment that have developed over time with integrated modern approach and infrastructure. AYUSH sciences are not only preventive but also promotive and curative in their approach to treatment. All of us must have tried atleast one of these AYUSH sciences either as a way of life or treatment once in our life. Unfortunately not all AYUSH sciences are easily available and accessible to all everywhere. This is where AYUSHVANI was born. We are a unique platform that makes AYUSH sciences available and accessible to all through verified and qualified doctors.





Yoga & Naturopathy




Siddha & Sowa Rigpa



The three Tee’s of AYUSH
  • Preventive
  • The very first ‘Tee’ of AYUSH science focuses on the preventive measures to keep one healthy. AYUSH sciences are a way of life and lifestyle which if followed righteously assures the best of physical and mind wellness.

  • Promotive
  • Followed by the second ‘Tee’, AYUSH sciences work great in promoting and maintaining the achieved state of proper health and wellness.

  • Curative
  • The third ‘Tee’ focuses on the curing effects of AYUSH sciences through the various approaches towards the treatment of the subjective state of disease.

AYUSH concentrates on preventive measures to achieve a healthy state of being followed by promotive measures to maintain the achieved state of health. Besides, AYUSH uniquely works towards the curative measures of one’s state of disease focusing on the roots of its origin.

Customer Feedbacks

The website is very beneficial to those who believe in Ayurveda and wish to reverse their body doshas. The questionnaire is very simple and less time consuming.The reports are elaborate and accurate and very beneficial to reverse the body doshas and lead a healthy life. I would recommend all my near and dear ones to take the prakriti analysis test on this website.One has to try it to believe it .

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Krishna Maharana

I was surprised that how simple questions about myself give me such detailed insights of my body. I even got it checked with a friend of mine who is into ayurveda. And it was all correct. Have been practicing this for last 1 month and seeing good results. So now, self care in right way with Ayushvani Prakriti test.

Feedback by

Devanshi Maniar

I am a food blogger and controlling my diet was really a tough job for me. Recently I heard about Ayushvani from a trusted person and they told me they provide amazing details about yourself in a manner where they even guide you on what to eat and what to avoid on different levels. At first I couldn't believe but when I got my hands on it, I am amazed. You all should definitely check their website out for more details.

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Tanishka Chavan

Prakriti Analysis

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